The ECDL Demotest

ECDL demo tests serve for learning about the graphical test surface of Enlight. Furthermore, you can try and see if the Diagnosis test would work on your own computer.

In the demo test itself, approximately 5 questions are asked. The principles and the structure of the questions are the same as the ECDL exam questions. In the ECDL demo test, so-called "In- Application" questions are asked: these are questions in which, for example, a word is started and you have to insert something in it to complete it.

At the same time, you can get to like the Test System: the way in which you jump from one question to another, and how the questions are marked. Preferably, you should try and do this at home, in peace and quiet, so that , when it comes to doing the real test, you are not treading in "unknown territory"!

Given that the demo tests are available for free, I suggest to everybody that they order them and try them out a few times.

Blogged on 13.05.2013
By Gregor Favre
Translated by Kat Miller