Evaluation of test results

As the diagnosis tests are modeled after the ECDL syllabus, like the certification tests, and are equally difficult, the overall scores of the diagnosis tests are a good prediction of how ready a test candidate is.

Solution percentages per curriculum category

The solution percentages of the different curriculum categories are printed on the score card of a diagnosis test for each module. The percentages show the results for every single category of questions. As an example: A 50% score in the category "Formatting" in the module "Word processing" means that the candidate answered half of the questions correctly. You can see that the solution percentages do not add up to the overall test score but can be used to evaluate the overall performance of the candidate, and serve as a basis for study counseling.

Balanced overall percentages

The evaluation of a diagnosis test should first evaluate whether or not the overall scores for every category are balanced and sufficient. Should the candidate score less than 75% in a category, there probably is a need  for extra tuition in this field. The following reference values allow the evaluation of a test candidate.

Test result 75-100%

A candidate with a test score of 75-100% in a diagnosis test most likely fulfills the requirements for the ECDL. He will pass the certification test with a very high probability.

Test result 60-74%

A candidate with a test score of 60-74% is a doubtful case. If he scored around 60% he should study more and get extra tuition in the categories in which he scored low. If he scored around 74% he might pass the certification test but he is still a doubtful pass. Extra tuition on the main categories will increase the chances of passing the test.

Test result 40-59%

A candidate with a test score of 40-59% shows a lot of deficits. He will likely not pass the test. The candidate should receive extensive extra tuition covering all categories.

Test result 0-39%

A candidate with a test score of 0-39% is very far from satisfying the requirements of the ECDL. It is very unlikely for him to pass the certification test. A complete basic tuition is needed.

Blogged on 23.12.2014
By Gregor Favre
Source: ecdl.de (german, translated)