ECDL Certificate without any course?

Basically, attending any courses or seminars in an appropriate further education facility is definitely the easiest way to successfully obtain the ECDL Certificate.

However, it is also possible for experienced users to take the Certificate exams without attending any courses or seminars. I would like to describe the procedure for that here below.

  1. It must be clear which certificate you want to get:ECDL Start (any 4 modules), ECDL Core (all 7 modules) or the challenging ECDL Advanced Certificate. With a Core Diagnostic test you can quickly find out if you have the right level for the relevant test. If the test is too easy, you can venture with the Advanced Diagnostic test.
  2. Study the ECDL syllabus. It describes what content will be tested in the exam. The current syllabus can be obtained on the Website of ECDL Switzerland AG.
  3. Get a Skillscard: this is the basis for the Certificates, and it corresponds to a registration. The Skillscard can be obtained from the ECDL, or directly from a test centre.
  4. If you have successfully completed all of the Diagnostic Tests, you can search for an official ECDL Test centre in your area, and register for an examination date. The examination dates are normally advertised and are open to the public. The cost per exam varies from provider to provider!

After you have completed the Module, you receive the relevant ECDL-Certificate, which is posted to you. 

Blogged on 02.04.2013
By Gregor Favre
Translated by Kat Miller