Answers to frequently asked questions

Please read the following questions and answers. If your query is not answered you can contact us directly.

Can I pay by invoice / direct deposit?

You can place a purchase order for a coupon code. You will receive the code via post mail together with an invoice. The coupon code is then valid as payment for the diagnostic tests.

I have not received the e-mail with the login information

Automatically generated e-mails are likely to be stuck in a spam filter. Please look in the spam folder and the deleted mail if the email ended up there by mistake. The e-mail originates from "". If the e-mail can not be found, please contact us.

I received an e-mail that the tests have not been activated yet

This can happen if your credit card has to be authorized beforehand. Such cases are rare, but occur. This may take 1-2 working days. Once your tests are ready, we will send you an e-mail.

How do I pay for the tests and what is Paypal?

The tests are to be payed by credit card or via your Paypal account. Paypal is the best known payment provider on the internet and an eBay company. If you have neither a credit card nor a Paypal account, you can order a coupon code. Once your payment has been registered, you'll get the coupon code. It is then valid as payment for your diagnostic tests.

How often can I take a diagnostic test?

You may suspend a test anytime and resume it later. However when you end the test, the result page is shown and the test consumed. Please see also the Instructions to perform a test.

My coupon code does not work

Note that a coupon code can be used only once. If when ordering you closed the payment window without finishing the payment procedure, the code is blocked, and can only be reused after three hours. Please wait until the code is released.

My diagnostic test does not start, an error message appears

Your computer probably is configured so diagnostic tests cannot be started. If the error message doesn't give you a clue of what was going wrong, you may try to run the test from an other computer. If the error persists, please send us a support note and attach the Sophia log file found under C:\Sophia_Logs.

I already have an Sophia Login. Can I use this?

No, the tests ordered on can only be used with the login that we e-mailed you after your purchase to your e-mail address. This is not the same login as your ECDL ID (CH-0123. ..).

I am a teacher at a school. How can I activate a large number of tests?

You can order impersonal coupon codes and then distribute them to your students. If you want to order a large quantity, we can provide you with a quote - please contact us for an offer.

We are a school and would like such a portal for ourselves. How do we proceed?

You can order any number of coupon codes and then pass them on to your students. Alternatively we can set up a customised diagnostic test portal for your school. Please contact us for an offer.

Which diagnostic tests do you provide?

We provide all diagnostic tests which are currently available in Switzerland. Visit the list of diagnostic tests to find an overview.

What is ECDL?

The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is an internationally recognised certificate which attests practical know-how in the most common PC or Mac applications. The ECDL certificates are based on consistent international standards defined by the ECDL Foundation. The Foundation ensures that the test methods, syllabus and tests comply with current technical standards. The test contents are published in the ECDL syllabus. The ECDL certification focuses on computer user skills: which software, operating system or courseware is used to gain these skills does not matter. You can prepare for the ECDL exams by taking part in a course or by studying on your own. Our ECDL shop offers a selection of useful courseware. To check your level of computer skills before taking the ECDL exams you can order a diagnostic test here and start it at home. In Switzerland the ECDL is implemented by the Digital Literacy Inc.