Instructions to perform the test

In order to complete the diagnostic tests, you need to log in and allow popups from

Starting and performing the ECDL diagnostic tests:

  • Click on the module, for which you want to take the test. Wait until progress reaches 100%, which can take a moment. If there are dialogues asking for certificates, accept them by clicking "Yes".
  • Click on the Button "Start test"
  • After answering a question click on the button „Answer“
  • You can suspend a test with the buttons “End test” – “Suspend” at any time and resume it later. The button “End test” – “Show results” closes the test. The test is used up and if you wish to retake it, you need to buy it again.
  • If all questions are answered, the test is automatically evaluated and a list of incorrectly answered and unanswered questions are shown
  • During certification tests, one is not allowed to use notes, checklists or books. However, using the help functions of the programs is allowed. To have a realistic experience of the live tests, we suggest you follow these rules while taking the diagnostic tests too.

Important information for diagnostic tests on Mac OS:

  • Online Essentials: Allow access to the online contacts, when you are asked to. You can adjust this setting in the security settings also anytime later.
  • If a message appears, that the Sophia app isn't originating from the App Store, please accept the application to be run anyway. You can adjust this setting in the security settings also anytime later.
  • When asked by your operating system, if the Sophia app may have access to other apps like Word or Mail, please answer with "YES".